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英语翻译这句话 不要在线词典翻译的!


He understands all my uneasiness, and he can resolve all my sorrow.

真高兴看到你手术成功,而且又来到了北京。只是你真该早点告诉我你搬到了我家附近,我们可以早点开始一起喝酒和玩骰子。 Glad to see your operation is successful, and came to Beijing. But you really should have told me you moved to nea...

No insistence, no significance,everything.

人们通常不能忍受自己屋子里的脏乱,但他们却都能够对自己内心丑陋的一面安之若素。 People often can not bear their own mess in their house, but they all can bear the ugly mess in their own inner with equanimity。

recently I was hesitating if I am supposed to make this decision all the time.


Some students cheat in the exam, although he got high marks, he satisfied his vanity, but he lost his honesty and other people's respect.

1 尽管这个队的主力队员受伤了,他们不得不启用一个替补队员,他们还是赢了比赛。 2 当我们去山里远足时,我们带了充足的食物。 3 尽管她的新企业成功存在可能性,但因为她其他的企业都失败了,我还是心存怀疑。 4 我听说托尼要去健身,他那么懒...

The moral quality of the post-70s is generally lower than that of the post-80s; the moral quality of the post-80s is generally lower than that of the post-90s.

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