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英语翻译这句话 不要在线词典翻译的!

翻译如下 食堂的温度太高了,所有的空调都不工作,以至于学生都一边流汗一边吃饭,非常影响心情和效率。所以我建议修理空调。 I suggest repairing air conditioning. Because the temperature of the dining hall is too high and all air cond...

Some students cheat in the exam, although he got high marks, he satisfied his vanity, but he lost his honesty and other people's respect.

1 尽管这个队的主力队员受伤了,他们不得不启用一个替补队员,他们还是赢了比赛。 2 当我们去山里远足时,我们带了充足的食物。 3 尽管她的新企业成功存在可能性,但因为她其他的企业都失败了,我还是心存怀疑。 4 我听说托尼要去健身,他那么懒...

No insistence, no significance,everything.


recently I was hesitating if I am supposed to make this decision all the time.

I wish that you can talk with me for a while when you are free. if there something what i do not know how to say, i can ask you directly.

May you be happy and peaceful in every coming day.

先离开的人没有想过给自己留一条回头的路。 The people who leave first never wanted to leave a way to go back. The people who leave first never thought to give yourself a way back.

He encourages man to think rationally and being able to think and judge is one of the characteristics that we are superior to other creations.

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