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Department of Veterans Affairs是什么意思

1. 退伍军人事务部 2. 退役军人事务部 3. 退伍军人事务部 例句: 1. The department of veterans affairs increased reporting of potentially dangerous errors bypromising hospital staff members they would not be punished unless the mist...

商学和消费者事务部,管商业行为和消费者权益的部门。。。department of commerce and consumer affairs

美国政府不直接向退伍军人提供住房,但是联邦退伍军人事务部(U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs,简称VA)提供买房贷款的100%担保,退伍军人最高可贷款41.7万美元。...

总统办事机构:(Executive Office of the President) 白宫办公厅 (The White House Office) 副总统办公厅 (Office of the Vice President of the United...

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