Lights - S O H N We weave in and out of consciousness alone Til our bodies collide and keep us from getting cold Skin pores open up and swallow each other whole And the scars we collect connect and reverse the flow And so it go...

李治廷离别的英文歌: 歌名:What Are Words 歌手:Chris Medina

Tiffany Alvord - Baby I Love You Splendidyang There are three words' that I've been dying to say to you Burns in my heart' like a fire that ain't goin' out There are three words' and I want you to know they are true... I need t...

杨紫马天宇李治廷一起跳舞的歌曲: 歌曲:The Fox(狐狸叫) 歌手:Ylvis

Jason Derulo的get ugly

歌名:What Are Words 歌手:Chris Medina 歌名:因为爱 歌手:韦礼安 歌名:Echoes of the Rainbow 歌手:李治廷

Penguin's game - Gelato 或者直接搜 兔子舞 就可以了 无误请点击采纳~~

李治廷穿新衣服的英文歌: 歌曲:Uptown Funk 原唱:Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars 节目是播放Glee Cast 版本。

李治廷离别的英文歌: 歌名:What Are Words 歌手:Chris Medina


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