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Yuanxiao is a kind of sweet dumpling, which is made with sticky rice flour filled with sweet stuffing

mine 我的 yours 你的 hers 她的,his他的 both都 wet 湿的 whose谁的 That's Ok 没关系 it isn't hers 它不是她的 it isn't his 它不是他的 whose T-shirt is it ?它是谁的T恤 it'smine 是我的

beautiful a. 美的,美丽的,美观的 board n. 木板;布告牌;委员会 n. 餐厅;食堂 class n. (学校里的)班;同学们 computer n. 电子计算机;计算机课 computer room 计算机教室 cool a. 凉的,凉爽的;(口语)酷 fan n. (电影、运动等的)迷;热

1. wide 2. get off the plane / car / bus 3. be scared of 4. be afraid of 5. hold someone's arm 6. have fun 7. it's time to do 8. take photo 9. whenever 10. make a phone call 11 elder 12 at the airport 希望你可以背下来,都是口语...


请查看下图: 第一个解释下be(am, is are)动词,am是第一人称的(I),is是第三人称的(he, she),are是第二人称的(you)也可以用于负数(they)。


Today is Saturday, I am very happy, because I have no class, so I wake up very late, I have enough sleep. At noon, my friend Li Hua comes to my house and asks me to go to the park with him. We play many games and see the beauti...

怎么给你啊 你给个邮箱或q号 我给你。

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